2018 FIFA World Cup Finishes!

2018年 07月 19日 インストラクターブログ
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The 2018 FIFA World Cup is over and the champions are France! What an incredible competition it was. Japan did well to reach the last 16, but the Samurai Blues were *desperately unlucky to lose against a very good Belgium side. England reached the Semi-Final stage, which I was happy to see, but lost to a *well-organized Croatia team. Australia had a tough group, but gave France an early scare in their first game.

What are your memories of the 2018 FIFA World Cup?The best memory for me was England beating Sweden. I watched the game at home, and my son stayed up late to watch the game with me. He was very tired, but he was very happy when England scored! The funniest thing was Neymar Jr rolling around on the floor. He rolled around for a total 14 minutes during the whole competition!I think the best goal was scored by Benjamin Pavard against Argentina. The best goal celebration was Michy Batshuayi’s celebration, unfortunately against England. He kicked the ball into his own face. Using *superlatives, why don’t you try to write about your *favourite memories of the competition?

Well done to France, who played some excellent football and deserved to win. The Rugby World Cup will be held in Japan next year. What *lasting memories will be created? I recommend that you go and watch a game. It is a fantastic sport and the crowds are really friendly.


★desperately: このdesperatelyは「必死になって、絶望的に、危篤状態に、やけになって、自暴自棄になって、死に物狂いで」などの意味を持つ副詞ですが、このように「ぞっとするほど,ひどく,極端に」といった意味でも使うことがあります。日本はベスト16に入りましたが、強豪国ベルギーとの対戦で負けるという非常に残念な結果となりましたね。前回、ワールドカップでの日本の対戦国をご紹介、そして勝敗予想をしたイギリス人の二―ルが今回はワールドカップを振り返ります!

★well-organized: organizeは「組織する、編制する、まとめる」などの意味を持つ動詞ですが、これを受動の形にしてwellがついたこのwell-organizedは「しっかり組織された、よくまとまった」と言う意味になります。準決勝まで勝ち進んだイギリスでしたが、よくまとまったチーム、クロアチアに負けてしまったのですね。

★superlatives: superlativeは「最高の、最上の、無比の、最上級の」などの意味を持つ形容詞ですが、このようにsがついて名詞として使われることもあります。そして文法用語の一つ、「最上級」(the strongest, the best, the worst…など)も表します。二―ルが皆さんに、この文法「最上級」を使って大会のお気に入りのシーンを英文にする練習をしてみては、と提案しています!

★favourite: この語をみて、「なーんだ、これ知ってるよ!」と思われましたか?それとも「あれっ?何か違和感がある…。」と思われましたか?この語は中学生の時に習う「大好きな、お気に入りの」などの意味を持つ形容詞ですが、私達が教科書で習うアメリカ英語のつづりはfavoriteですね!イギリス英語ではこのように綴ります。先程ご紹介したorganizeもイギリス英語ではorganiseと綴りますよ。他にもtheaterをtheatre,などいっぱいありますのでチェックしてみて下さいね!ちなみに綴りは違いますが発音は同じです!

★lasting: lastは「最後の、終わりの、最終の」という形容詞、また、「最後」という名詞でおなじみですが、「続く、持続する」と言う意味の動詞で使うこともあります。このlastingはこの動詞にingがついた現在分詞の形で、「永続する、永久(不変)の、長もちする」という形容詞の働きをします。来年開催されるラグビーワールドカップではどんな、いつまでも記憶に残るシーンがうまれるのでしょうか?

*Predictions and the World Cup 2018

2018年 06月 13日 インストラクターブログ
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With the 2018 FIFA World Cup less than a week away, here is a quick guide to the other three teams in their group and my predictions!


Colombia is possibly the toughest team in the group. They have James Rodriguez and Falcao up front and their defence, which was previously a little *shaky, has improved. They recently held Brazil to a draw and beat one of the tournament favourites France 2-3 in Paris.

Prediction – I’m sorry, Japan. Colombia should win this. 3-1


The Senegalese are sure to be a very exciting and lively team. They are fast and skillful and their star player is the Liverpool striker Sadio Mane, they also have a lot of strong midfield players.

Prediction – I think Japan could have a chance here, but they must stop the fast attacks. 2-1 to Japan


Poland has a strong team with one of the best strikers in the World, Robert Lewandowski who plays for Bayern Munich in Germany. The team averaged nearly three goals a game in *qualifying. However, they also *conceded more than any other group winner.

Prediction –If they can stop Lewandowski, then Japan could have a chance of a point. 1-1 Draw

Japan is going to have a tough time with such strong *opponents in Group H. Let’s hope the Samurai Blue can overcome the *odds and qualify from the group!

Tue. 19 June Kickoff at 15:00 vs Colombia National Team (21:00 Japan time)
Sun. 24 June Kickoff at 20:00 vs Senegal National Team (Mon. 25 June, 0:00 Japan time)
Thu. 28 June Kickoff at 17:00 vs Poland National Team (23:00 Japan time)


★prediction: predictは「(…を)予言する、予測する」という意味の動詞ですが、その名詞の形です。今回はイギリス人の二―ルがもうすぐ始まるワールドカップでの日本の対戦国をご紹介、そして勝敗予想をしています!皆さんはどう思われますか?

★shaky: shake「振る、揺すぶる」という動詞はおなじみですね!このshakyは 「揺れる、ぐらつく、がたつく、震える」と言う意味から「不安定な、危なっかしい、心もとない、当てにならない」などの意味まで多くの意味を持っています。コロンビアチームの不安定だったディフェンスが改善されたとのことですね!

★qualify:「 (…の)資格を与える」という意味のあるこのqualify、ポーランドはこのワールドカップ出場の資格を得るための試合において平均3ゴールも獲得してきたのですね!

★concede: このconcedeは「 (…を)事実と認める、与える、譲る、(試合・議論などで)許す」と言う意味を持っています。多くのゴールを獲得するポーランドのチームは多くのゴールも許してきたのですね。

★opponent: 「(試合・議論の)相手」を表すこのopponent、日本が入ったGroup Hにいる対戦国は手強いチームばかりなのですね!日本、頑張れ!

★odds: 「見込み、可能性、確率、勝ち目、勝算」などを始め、色々な意味を持つこのodds、カタカナでオッズと使うこともありますが皆さんはご存知でしたか?サムライブルーが予想を裏切る活躍を見せ、このGroup Hから決勝トーナメントに進んでほしいですね!

Bon Odori – A simple pleasure

2017年 08月 22日 インストラクターブログ
Bon Odori

I returned home recently from a long drive with my family, and as we got out the car we could hear a rhythmic drumming and the faint sound of a traditional Japanese song. A quick search for the source of this sound and we found the local ‘Bon Odori’ festival in a nearby park.

The colorful lanterns that surrounded the central square platform provided a pleasant ambience and friendly feel to the festival, and I quickly remembered how much I enjoy these events. As is customary, several people dressed in traditional clothing stood on top of a small tower banging two large drums in time to the traditional music. Many of the local residents had come to celebrate the festival; some were dressed in yukata and jimbei. When they formed a circle around the central platform and began to dance, my family and I joined in. People of all ages were dancing and enjoying themselves, and there was a real sense of community spirit. At the end, my children were given a small gift by the festival organizers. It was a lovely evening.

These small community festivals that are held throughout Japan help to maintain tradition and ensure that future generations understand older customs. From a foreigner’s point of view, these simple community events provide a contrast to other countries where such customs have sadly been lost over time. I look forward to next year’s ‘Bon Odori’ and may even wear my jimbei!



★customary: 「習慣的な、通例の、慣例で」などの意味を表すこのcustomary。「いつもの、ありきたり」などの意味も持っています。櫓では恒例の、はっぴを着た人が伝統的な盆踊りの曲に合わせて和太鼓を叩いていたのですね!

★community spirit: 「共同体意識」というと硬いイメージですが、地域コミュニティーの意識のことで、あらゆる世代の人たちが踊ったり、楽しそうにしていて、そこに真の地域コミュニティー精神があったと表現しています (^o^)

※上記の単語以外にも何か疑問に思う語やフレーズなど、ご質問がありましたら、お気軽に 札幌 英会話 WORDWISE外国語教室 講師、スタッフまでお声掛けください!

Welcome To Our New Teacher

2017年 04月 07日 インストラクターブログ
Neil 2

Hello there,

My name is Neil, and I am a new teacher at Wordwise. I grew up in Worcester, England, which is famous for Edward Elgar, horse racing and the world famous Worcestershire sauce. I have been teaching in Japan for over 7 years in Kyushu and Hokkaido. I enjoy cycling and once cycled from Rishiri to Sapporo! My other interests are football and travelling. I really enjoy experiencing new things and am happy to give most things a go at least once!

I aim to bring enthusiasm, passion and knowledge to your lessons here at Wordwise to help you advance your English skills.

I am really pleased to be here, and I am looking forward to meeting all of the Wordwise students and being a part of the team. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have.

See you soon,



★give ~ a go: give は「与える」goは「行く」でおなじみの言葉ですよね!このように使うと 「~をやってみる」という意味になります。今回 自己紹介をしている二―ルは、新しいことを経験すること、また、たいていのものやことに対して、一度は挑戦してみるという彼の性格をこのように表現しています。

★enthusiasm: 「熱中、熱心、やる気」などの意味を表すこのenthusiasm。形容詞ではenthusiastic、副詞ではenthusiasticallyなど派生語があり、a sports enthusiast 「大のスポーツ好き」なども覚えておくといいですね!

★advance:「進歩する、前進する」という意味のあるこのadvance。私個人としては、「in advance(前もって)」という連語で覚えている語でした。ここでは「ワードワイズの生徒さんが英語スキルを伸ばせるよう、熱意と情熱と知識を持ってレッスンに力を注ぎたい」と言っていますね(^o^)

White Day

2017年 03月 14日 インストラクターブログ

Being a foreigner in Japan gives me an alternative view on things that are “normal” in Japan. White Day is something that was new and unusual to me when I first came to Japan. In the U.K., we celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving our partners, or a person we fancy, a gift. This is done by everyone, both men and women. However, in Japan, gift giving is separated: on Valentine’s Day women give gifts to men, and on White Day men give gifts to women.

I was curious about this, so I looked into the history of White Day. By all accounts, it was started at the end of the ‘70s by a Fukuoka-based company called Ishimuramanseido, and was originally called Marshmallow Day. I guess, Marshmallows rather than chocolates were given as gifts. This did not take off, but was adapted in following years into what we now know as White Day. Though a little unusual to me, the idea of separate days is easy enough to understand. However, the thing that still puzzles me is the idea of sanbai gaeshi. This term means that men are expected to buy gifts for their partners which are three times the value of the one received on Valentine’s Day. White day is celebrated mainly in Japan, Korea, Vietnam and China.

Europeans too have unique holidays. One of these is called Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day). It takes place every year at the end of February or the start of March. This is a festival that marks the beginning of Lent, a time when people are supposed to give up rich foods for 40 days. So on Shrove Tuesday, people use up all the rich foods in the house, such as eggs, milk and butter to make pancakes. In the UK we have pancake races where people run down the street with a frying pan flipping a pancake! Personally, I prefer to eat them with lemon and sugar.

Anyway, I have to make sure I get my wife something for White Day or I will be in the doghouse. If you are ever in the UK around the end of February, make sure that you indulge in some lovely, rich pancakes.


★fancy: 名詞では「空想」や「思いつき」「好み」などの意味を持つこのfancy。この語をイギリス英語でこのように動詞で使うと、「~が好き、好む、愛する」などの意味になります。イギリスではバレンタインにパートナーや好きな人に贈り物をするのですね!日本ではよく、かわいいものをいっぱいおいている雑貨屋さんをファンシーショップと呼んだりしますよね!これも日本語英語に惑わされないように覚えたい語ですね!

★take off: 良く知られている「脱ぐ、離陸する」などを含め、たくさんの意味を持つこのtake offですが、このように「〈商品が〉急に売れだす;〈景気が〉上昇し始める;〈事・計画などが〉うまくいき始める」という意味でも用いられます。このマシュマロデーはあまりうまくいかなかったようですが、現在のホワイトデーの形となってからは彼の言う3倍返しも含め、ポピュラーになりましたよね!

★rich foods: 日本語でも時々「リッチでクリーミーな味!」などの宣伝文句で聞くことがありますが、このrich foods とは こってりした食べ物、また、栄養に富んだ食べ物のことです。このrich foodsを40日間食べないようにするため、家にある卵や牛乳、バターを消費するためにパンケーキを作るのですね!

★in the doghouse: 「(~の)機嫌を損ねて,(~を)怒らせて,(~との)関係がまずいことになって」という意味を持ちます。彼がホワイトデーに奥さんに何かあげないとまずいことになってしまうのですね!男性が奥さんや恋人の機嫌を損ねて家から追い出されて犬小屋に入っている...というかんじでしょうか。


Winter Games

2017年 02月 10日 インストラクターブログ

So, the Asian Winter Games start in a couple of week with the opening ceremony being held at the Sapporo Dome on February 19th. No doubt the organizers have put together a great lineup of entertainment to welcome the athletes, support staff and spectators from around Asia. I believe that the ever-popular Japanese pop band, Dreams Come True will even be performing (Dorikamu iissho!) And then over the following 2 weeks, 64 events will be held across 11 different sports. That all sounds great, doesn’t it?

Personally, I’m really looking forward to the event. It’s nice to see the city we live in being highlighted in the news, and it is fun to see participants from different countries walking around downtown in their official uniforms. And even though I am not a huge ski jump fan, don’t know who the “team to beat” in the curling tournament is nor overflow with excitement at the thought of watching some figure skating, I will try to get out and have a look at some events. Hopefully, I can take my son along to see some, too. My pick at this stage is the snowboarding events being held at Bankei Ski Area. Being almost 5 years old, these experiences can create lifelong memories for him.

And that’s where the beauty of events such as the Asian Winter Games lies – they are special and don’t happen every year. True, these Games may pale in comparison to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but they are still a great chance to see world class athletes compete and enjoy something a bit different.

So, I encourage everyone to get out and take in the Asian Winter Games later this month because you may have to wait a long time for a similar event…well, at least until 2019 when the Rugby World cup comes to town!


★No doubt: 「疑い、疑う」などの意味を持つdoubtにnoをつけることで「確かに、確実に、きっと~だろう」と意味になります。冬季アジア札幌大会の主催者はアジアのあらゆる地域から来る選手やサポートスタッフ、観客を迎える為にきっと工夫を凝らした素晴らしいエンターテイメントを用意しているのでしょうね!ドリカムもパフォーマンスを披露してくれるのですね!エイドリアンも思わず北海道弁で「ドリカム、いいっしょ!」

★overflow with : 「あふれる、あふれ出る」などを意味するこのoverflow。このようにwith+名詞をつけると「(感情などで)満ちあふれる、いっぱいになる」という意味になります。自分はスキージャンプの大ファンではないし、フィギュアスケートが見れると思うだけでワクワク感でいっぱいになるわけではないけれど、スノーボードなどの競技をいくつか5歳になる息子と見に行きたいと言っていますね!

★pale: 「You look pale. Are you OK?」(顔色悪いよ。大丈夫?) や色を表現する時にpale yellow(薄黄色) などで使われるこのpale。後に続くin comparison to~と合わせると、「~に比べると見劣りする」という意味になります。2020年に開催される東京オリンピックに比べると見劣りするかもしれないけれど、世界レベルの選手が見れたり、いつもと違ったことが楽しめるよ!と皆さんにも大会を楽しんで欲しいようです!

★in comparison to: 上記でpaleとあわせてご紹介しましたが、「~と比べると」という意味です。in comparison with, by comparison to, by comparison with などの形でも使われます。チェックしてみて下さいね!

Do it yourself!

2016年 10月 07日 インストラクターブログ

I have always had an addictive personality. By this, I mean that I easily become addicted to things. As a young boy, I would stay up all night playing a board game; in high school, I played sport whenever I could; and when I discover a great new TV show, I watch as many episodes in row as I possibly can - the online streaming service Netflix is both a godsend and a curse. In the last few years, golf has become my passion with most of my free time spent practicing, playing or watching golf.

While these pastimes have all brought me a lot of enjoyment, there is generally little to show for them. It is this point that makes my new addiction to DIY (Do-it-yourself home improvements)
superior. I recently bought a house. It is an old house that had been renovated (or “reformed” in Japanese-English) before I moved in, and I love it! However, there are still a lot of things that I can do to make it even better. So far, I have only completed a few simple projects: installing a handrail for the stairs and building some toilet shelves. But I know that I have caught the DIY bug!

I am definitely not a master craftsman, and I make many mistakes that have to be thrown away. But each time I do something – good or bad -I learn a little more, and I get a lot of satisfaction from making something by myself. Also, I can customize everything to suit my specific purpose. So, now much of my free time is spent thinking of new projects for the house, such as new shelves and a workbench for the garage, and walking around home improvement stores. I’m lucky a Homac store is so close! And I’m already looking ahead to next spring when I plan to build a deck and much, much more.

Put simply, why spend time looking and money on cheap, poor quality items when you can do it yourself?


★addicted: 楽しくてしょうがないものなどに 「はまっている」時、または薬物などの「中毒になっている」時に使います、easilyと合わせるとすぐ何かにはまりやすい性格ということになりますね!みなさんも自分は今何にはまっているかを考えて“I’m addicted to~”と一文作ってみましょう!

★a godsend: 「天の恵み、思わぬ幸運」を表します。面白い新番組をどんどん配信してくれるNetflixに対して神様が自分に送ってくれた恵だと表現しているのですね!

★curse: 上記のgodsendに対して、自分を抑えられず連続で見てしまい、夜更かしをしてしまう「不幸[害悪]の元凶」でもあると言っていますね。

★superior: 名詞では「自分より上のもの」、また「上司」などを指すこのsuperior。形容詞ではこのように「優れた、 勝る」などの意味でも使います。反対のinferior「下の、劣る」も一緒に覚えておきましょう。

★caught the bug: (been infected with the virus/disease) 「 病気やウイルスに感染する」という意味にもなるこの表現ですが、ここでは中毒になりやすい性格の筆者が今度はDIYに「取り付かれてしまった」ということになりますね!

★customize: あまり器用な方ではないという筆者が、DIYをしていく中で少しずつ何かを学び、自分で何かを作る満足感を得られると述べ、それに加え、自分の目的に合わせて「直す、カスタマイズする」ことができるとDIYの良さを表現していますね!

Breakfast on the Yarra

2016年 08月 12日 インストラクターブログ
Breakfast on the Yarra

I lived in Melbourne for about 6 years when I was at university and fell in love with the city. The city is famous for its unpredictable weather and for weeks before my recent trip many people had said the weather was terrible – cold and dark and wet – after all it was the middle of winter. Imagine my surprise when each day of my recent trip was warm (15-16 degrees) and sunny. Melbourne . . . go figure!

The city has change quite a bit since my university days (about a 100 years ago). Many new buildings have been erected in the city center and they have spoiled the old-fashioned charm of the place somewhat. However, I really like the entertainment complex on the south bank of the Yarra river, the river running through the center of the city.

This complex, Southgate, lines the river and offers a great selection of restaurants and bars. My first morning was spent at one restaurant … and it was my most enjoyable morning for years. Not only was the service excellent and waiting staff polite, but the weather was brilliant and the food terrific. I would like to enjoy many more such mornings in the future.

Of course, I visited a lot of my favourite places during my trip: St Kilda Beach and Acland Street (famous for its continental cake shops and fish and chips), The Italian precinct based around Lygon Street (famous for its Italian restaurants) and the Greek precinct on Lonsdale Road (my favourite restaurant, Tsindos, is still doing business there).

I guess the best change I noticed was the transportation system. Melbourne has a fantastic and convenient tram system and the city center is well-serviced by a number of tram lines. The city center is not so large but walking around all day can be tiring for an old man like me. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that a “free travel” zone has been established, and you can now ride the trams free of charge in the city center … maybe this is why there is a growing obesity problem in the country.

Anyway, if you like good food and a relaxing meal by the river, visit Melbourne and maybe you’ll meet me there someday!


★go figure: みんながメルボルンは寒くて暗くて雨ばかりと言っているのでそう思っていたら、冬にも関わらず、滞在中は晴れで気温も15~16度とそんなに低くなかったことで「(なぜこんなことが起こったのか)不思議だ、驚きだ!」という意味のGo figure! が使われています。「(なんでそんな事を言うのか)信じられない!」「(私に聞かないで)自分で考えて!」などの意味でも使う表現です。

★spoiled: 「だめにする、台無しにする、甘やかす」などの意味をあらわすspoil. ここでは、メルボルンの古風な魅力をたくさんの新しいビルが台無しにしていると言っているのですね。

★precinct: 「地区、管区、警察管区、投票区」などを意味します。ここでは中華料理レストランが集まった中華街のように、イタリア人やイタリアンレストランがたくさんあるイタリア人街を指しています。Italian precinctにあるItalian restaurant…食べに行ってみたいですね!

★obesity: 全世界で増えているこのobesity…「肥満」のことです。中心地のトラムが無料になったことが肥満を増やしている原因かも!?と言っていますね。発音もチェックしておきましょう!

Auckland: City by the sea

2016年 05月 06日 インストラクターブログ

From March 14th to April 16th I stayed in Auckland to study teaching. It was my first time not only in New Zealand but also in the Southern Hemisphere. Arriving at Auckland airport, I was struck by the temperature difference. Sapporo had still been very cold and snowy, slowly heading towards spring, whereas Auckland was hot, sunny and heading towards autumn.
The people were also very different from the residents of Sapporo. Sapporo is a large city, but has a lack of cultural diversity; Auckland, on the other hand, is one of the most multicultural cities in the world! Along with the local white and Maori populations, a massive 39% of residents were born overseas. These people include British, Chinese, Indian, Korean, South East Asian, and many Pacific Islanders. This cultural diversity could be easily seen in the shops and restaurants that fronted the city streets. For lunch, I had a choice of anything from New Zealand meat pies to Korean barbeque. The indigenous Maori people are among the friendliest I have ever met, always ready with a smile and a warm greeting.

Another wonderful part of staying in Auckland was the sky. From sunrise to sunset, the sky could change from a light cloudy blue to a rich clear blue, and on to purples, oranges, and reds. Everyday gave me a beautiful painted vista of sea, cityscape, and sky.
What also struck me about Auckland was the sea. The whole city has been built on islands and peninsulas. No matter where you travel in the city you are never far from the sea. No wonder New Zealand produces some of the world’s best sailors.

Finally, what I enjoyed most about the city was the greenery. There are trees, bushes, and plants everywhere. The buildings seem to sprout from the greenery and appear to be secondary to the trees, unlike many cities in the world where nature is confined to parks.
All in all, I highly recommend Auckland to any travelers…or those wishing to study overseas.



★be struck by: 「(雷など)に打たれる、~に衝撃を受ける、~に感銘を受ける」などの意味を持っています。トムは南半球にあるニュージーランドが夏の終わりでまだ暑いのに対し、まだ冬の寒さが抜けきらない札幌の気温差に衝撃を受けたようですね!

★indigenous: 「〔地域や国の〕原産の、先住の、生来の、本来備わっている」などを意味します。ニュージーランドの先住民マオリの人たちはいつも笑顔で温かくトムに接してくれたのですね。

★peninsulas: 「半島」を表す語です。都市が島と半島でできているとのことですね!Florida Peninsula(フロリダ半島)などのようにも使われます。空の色がきれいで島と半島でできた都市…行ってみたいですね!