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Adrian Cain

Head of Instruction

  • I have been teaching English as a second or foreign language for over 12 years in three different countries: my home country of Australia, England and here in Japan. Over that time, I have been given the opportunity to teach refugees settling in a new country, children with special learning needs, college students preparing for study abroad, business people honing their communication skills and more. Each situation has been unique, but each of them has provided me with enjoyment and valuable experience.
  • Outside of my professional career, I find enjoyment through spending time with my friends, travelling to new places, and even a little cooking. However, perhaps my greatest pleasure comes from watching my favorite sports teams in action. Here in Sapporo that means the Fighters! When I’m not in the classroom, or out enjoying one of the festivals held in the city throughout the year, you may catch me at the Sapporo Dome cheering on the team.
  • 出身地: オーストラリア
    学歴: 1997年: Western Australia - 大学 理学士号
    2002年: Curtin 大学 - 教育における学位取得
    2008年: Macquarie - 大学 応用言語学修士号
    職歴: 2004~2005年: 特別な教育的ニーズを必要とする子供のための教師 (イギリス、ロンドン)
    2005~2009年: EFL講師
    2005~2009年: 日本国内の複数の大学にてEFL講師として勤務
会社名 Southern Cross 株式会社
代表者 Garry Heterick
事業内容 英会話教室の経営、校正、翻訳
所在地 〒060-0061 北海道札幌市中央区南1条西2丁目18番地 IKEUCHI GATE 6F (Google 地図)
営業時間 火曜~日曜(月曜定休) 10:00 ~ 20:00 (1月1日は休校日です。)
TEL フリーダイヤル 0120-221-061        011-281-6221
FAX 011-281-6221
URL (Facebookページ)
E-MAIL [email protected]

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