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What’s cooking?

  • 2014.06.07

Living in Sapporo, we are blessed with various culinary treats every season. Hotpot nabe in winter, oily grilled sanma in fall, and delicious spring vegetables. But as we move into summer, it seems to me that something strange is happening. Rather than eagerly awaiting barbecues and watermelon, food store executives and restaurant owners across the country appear to have gotten too much early summer sun. Their delusional state has led to some interesting innovations for customer to enjoy this year. Take a look at these for example.

1) Strawberry Cones Baked Kit-Kat and Mango pizza – Japanese pizza toppings have always been a source of bewilderment for many foreigners who can’t help but shake their head at a “Western” pizza covered in potatoes, corn and mayonnaise, but this new menu item belies belief. But who knows? The combination of chocolate, mango, gorgonzola cheese, nuts, honey and maple syrup may just be a winner!

2) Lotteria’s Menya Musashi Ramen Burger – Too hot to enter your favorite noodle shop? No problem! Cool off in air-conditioned comfort as you carbo-load on a bun full of lightly fried noodles topped with a thick pork cutlet, and a cup of ramen broth. Why would anyone do this, you ask? Why not? Not to be outdone, MosDo (Mos burger and Mister Donut) have hit upon the wacky idea of donut sandwiches. The Mos Burger French Culler with Round-and-Round Chorizo Sausage is sure to be a hit.

This phenomenon is not restricted to Japan either. It is quite well known that the image many uneducated non-Japanese have of sushi is the classic California roll. However, a quick search online turned up a number of more recent odd interpretations of this traditional Japanese fare. Two of the most notable are:

1) Akemasa Sushi, Hong Kong – Here you will sit in awe as an array of weird and wonderful sushi pass by on the conveyor belt. From sweet azuki beans slathered in mayonnaise to fruit-flavored gelatin topped with wasabi and all sorts in between. There is something for everyone!

2) In the Ukraine, it seems that “sushi” is not only inside-out, with rice and sometimes a layer of fish on the outside of the roll, they all contain strange smelling cheese and a heavy slathering of mayonnaise!!

Now, I’m all for creativity in the kitchen, but in my humble opinion, things are getting a bit overdone. This summer, give me some simple slices of char-grilled beef and pork, and a vanilla ice-cream any day.



①「ストロベリーコーンズ×ベイクドキットカット マンゴーピザ」

②「ロッテリア 麺屋武蔵ラーメンバーガー」