Wordwise 126 A2854

To turn your nose up at something

  • 2014.06.11

While this expression can be used to describe someone literally raising their nose, it is much more commonly used as an idiom. Basically, if someone turns their nose up at something, they reject it or look down on it because they don't think it is good enough for them.

i. My apartment isn’t so nice, but it was the only place I could find to live. I couldn’t turn my nose up at it.
ii. Jenny is so superficial. She turns her nose up at any guy who isn’t rich and handsome.

「鼻を上げる」と直訳することもできますが、慣用句として使われるのが一般的なこの表現。To turn your nose up at something とは、自分にとって十分ではないため、相手を拒否したり見下すという意味です。