Wordwise 126 A2854

Wearing them is easy; saying it’s hard.

  • 2012.01.04

“Clothes” is a word many Japanese students of English find difficult to pronounce correctly.

In English, “clothes” is said altogether in one sound [clothz].
But many students use two sounds to say the word [cloth]-[sez].
This is because saying the “th” and “es” sounds together is hard.

Remember, English is spoken in many countries, so people are used to hearing different accents.
But a change in rhythm (or number or sounds) can cause problems.

So, when you say “clothes”, try pronouncing it the same way as “close” (e.g. Please close the door).
The listener will understand your meaning easily from the sentence, and you will sound much more natural.

Go ahead, practice: “I bought some new close (clothes) yesterday.”

英語で “clothes” は、ひとつの音で [clothz] と発音されますが、多くの日本人の方はふたつの音 [cloth]-[sez] で発音しています。
これは、“th” と “es” を一緒に発音するのが難しいからです。

でも、リズム (もしくは数や音) が変わってしまうことは問題です。

したがって、 “clothes” と言う時は、“close” と同じ発音で言うように心がけましょう 。  (例:ドアを閉めてください。 Please close the door.)

どうぞ練習してみてください: 「私は昨日新しい服を買いました。」