Supplementary Books

​Top 3: ★Supplementary study books

  • 2016.09.14

Some students attempt to study without any books at all, but this is almost always unsuccessful! All Wordwise students have a course textbook and a homework workbook.

These textbooks are great because they direct your learning, provide interesting study material and have useful practice activities. But they are not the only books that language learners should include in their study bag.

The top 3 supplementary (or extra) books students should have are:

  • A personal vocabulary book: This is not an Essential Words for the TOEIC/TOEFL style textbook to help you to prepare for a test. Rather, it a small notebook that you carry around with you at all times. When you hear an interesting new word or expression, you should quickly take out the notebook and write it down. Going through this process, will help you remember the new piece of language. You can also look back through the notebook later to refresh your memory of the new word(s).
  • A dictionary: A traditional print dictionary, or electronic dictionary, is a must-have for every student. You can find the meaning of unknown words, check if nouns are count or non-count, read example sentences and so on. The benefits of a dictionary are countless. However, make sure you don’t rely on your dictionary too much. To learn how to use a dictionary effectively, please check Top 3: Using a dictionary to help you study (16.02.10)
  • A grammar text: Many students simply hate grammar. They think it is difficult to understand, and more importantly, boring to study. Most students' goal is to communicate with other people in English, and so naturally, they want to practice conversations. However, it is very important to remember grammar helps you say your ideas clearly. When you explain yourself more smoothly and clearly in conversations, you will enjoy your English much more!

Note: **I should have also included a reading book. Most successful students read for fun regularly. They may read short stories, graded novels, magazines or online material. It doesn’t matter what you read as long as you enjoy it.

★supplementary : 補う、補足の、付録の
★a must-have: 必需品
★countless: 数え切れない、無数