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Summer Events in Sapporo

  • 2014.06.19






Summer has come to Sapporo (I hope)! After spending a too-long winter, finally we have the most fun season.

What would you like to do this summer? Do you have any plans to attend events? The fireworks at Toyohira River are a very famous summer event in Sapporo, as you probably know. But for me, I have only seen the firework at the river side just once in my entire life. I’m more interested in eating rather than seeing pretty things, so I always get excited about going to shrine festivals so that I can eat my favorite “Choco Bananas”!

The most well-known and most fun festival for me is the Sapporo Festival in Nakajima Park and Hokkaido Jingu. When I was a little kid, my parents used to take me to the park and let me scoop up the goldfish (Kingyo-sukui). And of course they got me a Choco Banana every time we went. It is one of those things that every kid probably experienced when they were little. But I still clearly remember those summer festivals with my family. I think it is a quite big event that kids never forget even after they become adults.

Unfortunately the Sapporo Festival will be over by the time this blog is up. But the fireworks at Toyohira River take place on the 25th of July. This summer, I hope I can see the fireworks while eating a lot of delicious Omatsuri food!