Nice to meet you!

  • 2016.03.04

Hello everyone! My name is Mai. I’m a new staff member here at Wordwise. Nice to meet you all! I will be working full time so please feel free to talk to me any time!

Today, I want to share a little about my travel experiences so that you can get to know something about me. I like traveling all over the world and have been to many countries, especially America and Europe. I also enjoy driving around Hokkaido -- mostly to visit hot springs, so I would love to talk to you about it some time. My favorite place in the world is Hawaii, because of its beautiful beaches and delicious food. However, there is one more reason why I love Hawaii so much -- I went to high school there when I was sixteen, living abroad for the first time by myself. It was only a year, but I had lots of fun with new friends from many countries and, of course, I learned English!

I wish to know more about all students here at Wordwise and I hope to help you all as much as possible, so don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. I will be waiting for you at the counter. Thank you^^



★feel free to: 「遠慮なく、遠慮せずに、気軽に」という意味です。ここでは「気軽にいつでも声をかけて下さい!」と言っていますね。


★hesitate: 「ためらう、躊躇する」という意味です。上記に挙げたfeel free to と同様「遠慮しないで!ためらわないで!」と言いたいときに「Don’t hesitate to ~」の形を使って表現します。ここでは 「遠慮せず、何でも聞いて下さいね!」という意味になりますね。