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New Wordwise staff

  • 2013.10.15

Hello! My name is Yukie! I’m a new staff member at Wordwise, and this is my first blog. I’m going to introduce a bit about myself, and also a little about my life in Canada. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

I lived in Victoria, which is a small city in Vancouver Island located right next to Vancouver. Though it is a quite small city, it is the capital city of British Columbia (one of the provinces of Canada). And the city is famous for its beautiful harbors and great natural scenery.

I was a language student and also worked in Victoria, and I loved spending time in nature. When I had free time, I used to go to the mountains or parks just to take a walk or go on a picnic with my friends.
My work place was downtown and very close to the harbor. So on my breaks, my coworkers and I would grab some coffee and take a walk to the water and enjoy some chit-chat. Time goes very slowly there, which is so different from our busy country! That’s how people there enjoy their time and I loved the atmosphere.

I still can’t forget how nice all those times were and sometimes I think back to all good experiences I had. But, of course, I love my hometown as much as I love Victoria! During my stay, I sometimes had trouble with not being able to understand/communicate with people in English and I often felt sad and lonely because of it. But here, in my country, that kind of thing hardly happens and I realized how nice it is to be able to communicate with people without trying! My experience in Canada made me realize the importance of appreciating what I have and nothing should be taken for granted.

I also believe that being a staff at Wordwise is something special that’s happened to me and I appreciate the opportunity! If you see me around, please say hi! I would love to get to know you all!