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Autumn pleasures

  • 2013.10.29

With the sudden bout of cold weather, the mountains have turned almost overnight from green to all the autumn colours, red, orange and gold. It’s getting dark earlier, so no more late afternoons in the sun, and most likely we’ll soon be rushing home after work to get out of the chill.

So with less hours of daylight and more time spent indoors, what are best ways to pass another autumn-winter season?

The first thing to do is go to your local park or your own garden, if you have one, and jump in a big pile of leaves. I know it sounds childish, but it’s a shame to waste all the effort trees go to provide us with huge piles of crisp colourful leaves. Go on, jump and roll around in them…let your inner child run free.

The second thing is to start reading. I’m not talking about magazines and newspapers, get to a bookstore or local library and find the biggest, longest book you can, settle in your favourite chair and get reading!

A third thing, which goes well in combination with 2 above, is start to experiment with your beverages. Forget the instant coffee and tea-bags, cold weather means that it’s time for hot chocolate. Check this website for some interesting variations: http://startcooking.com/12-twists-on-instant-hot-chocolate

Last, autumn-winter is a great time to start a new hobby. Christmas is just around the corner and just imagine how nice it would be to give your friends handmade cards or hand-knitted gifts? If you aren’t good with your hands, you could start learning a language . . . like English!!

So summer has gone, and we now have 6 months of cold and dark to look forward to, so let’s use our imaginations and make the most of the time, even if it’s just a fun afternoon spent jumping in piles of fallen leaves.






3番目に、今言った2つとよく合うと思います。お気に入りになるような飲み物を見つけることです。インスタントのコーヒーや紅茶ではなく、寒いに日はココアです。このサイトにはココアの色々な飲み方が載っていますよ。 http://startcooking.com/12-twists-on-instant-hot-chocolate

最後に、秋冬は新しい趣味を始めるのにベストな季節です。クリスマスはもうすぐそこ!友達に手作りカードや手編みのプレゼントなんて素敵だと思いませんか?手が器用でなくても、語学を習い始めることだってできますよ。例えば… 英語とか!!