A Pic Fpr Tomokos Blog

New staff at Wordwise

  • 2017.01.20
A Pic Fpr Tomokos Blog

Hello! My name is Tomoko, and I am a new staff member at Wordwise.

Born in a small town in Tokachi and raised in Sapporo, I am a third-generation “Hokkaido-ite”. Since graduating from college, I have worked in the communication field in various industries; managing technical translation projects, creating bilingual advertisements, and localizing websites for non-Japanese clients in and out of Japan and so on. Whatever the client's product or service is, my job was to get the client's message across to the end users or consumers. Here at Wordwise, I will work for all the students and clients to help meet your language needs.

When I am not at the office, I am usually thinking about creating various sorts of things. From making soap or hand cream using vegetable oil to baking crusty French bread, I love making things and sharing my creations with family and friends. Recently, I have been making soup every day and I bring it to work in a thermos food jar. Let me know if you’ve got a good soup recipe.

I look forward to meeting you all!



★industries : 「産業」や「工業」などを意味し、music industry「音楽業界」などのように「~業界」と使うこともあります。これまでにいろいろな業界で翻訳のキャリアを積んできたのですね!

★crusty:「皮の部分が硬くて厚い」意味を持つこの単語をfrench breadにつけると、外がパリパリでしっかりしたおいしそうなフランスパンが思い浮かびます!パンやスープ、いろいろなものを作ることが好きなのですね!食べてみたい!