読書の秋 Part 2

  • 2011.09.17


皆さんは、これをやると無性にわくわくする!だったり、子供の時から心を離れないことはありますか?絵を描くこと、歌うこと、世界一高い山に登りたい・・などなど。 でもそれは、現実を生きていく中では無謀な夢で、心から好きなことをしていけるのは、ほんの少しのラッキーな人たちだけ・・なんでしょうか。

この小説の主人公は、若い頃から画家になることを渇望しながらも、64歳で突然あっけなく死んでしまった冴えないスーパーマーケット店員のクロード。この物語はちょうど彼が死んだところから始まります。自分の葬儀に参加した後、そのまま ”上” に昇っていくと、クロードは生前の彼をサポートしていたと言う3人の天使に会います。クロードは、彼らと一緒に彼の ”みじめ” な人生を回想する旅に出ます。

天使たちが言うには、クロードの画家になるという夢を叶えるべく、偶然を装ってヒントとなる出来事や人を彼の人生にたくさん送り込んだそうです。でもクロードは、自分の心よりも ”理性的な思考” 優先したために、天使たちの贈り物をことごとく受け取ることができませんでした。クロードは、天使たちと自分の人生を振り返りながら、たくさんの悲しい出来事の裏には、彼を幸せに導こうとする天使たちの働きがあったことを知ります。





This week I’d like to introduce a novel, “Jinsei Gyakumodori tour” (A Tour Backward Through Your Life), written by Utamaro Izumi. This book is easy to read for children as well as adults, but I think this book will touch adults far more than younger people.

Do you have something that has made you excited without any particular reason or something that has never left your heart since childhood? Drawing, singing, climbing mountain . . . and so on? Many people do, but often they leave the dream behind because it doesn’t seem to fit in with their “real life” and only a few people are lucky to live their dreams . . . How about you?

This story is about Claude. He was a boring supermarket clerk who was always eager to be a painter but he died suddenly, without any drama, at the age of 64. This novel starts at the point at which he dies. He attends his own funeral and goes up to “Heaven”.

There he meets three angels who tell him that they had supported him in his life. Claude and the three angels go backwards through his “miserable” life.

The angels say they sent many events or key people into his life to push him toward his dream, but that he couldn’t receive the gifts the angels sent because he gave priority to “rational thoughts” rather than to his passion. Now he finds that there were many turning points behind the sad things in his life and they were all set up by the angels just to lead him happiness.

Some people might want to read this book, so I won’t mention anything further about the story.

I guess some of you might feel that you have experienced coincidental events or encounters that create connections in your life.I am also one of you! It would be nice and romantic if these were inspired by angels, wouldn’t it?