Eucalyptus oil

  • 2013.06.26


色々な使い道がありますが、私は主に洗濯やお掃除に使います。洗濯の際にオイルを数滴入れて使うと、消臭効果deodorizer が期待でき、ウィルス除去にもなるそうです。鼻づまりなど、呼吸が苦しい時には加湿器に数滴入れて使うと効果的です。人により好みが分かれると思いますが、私はユーカリのミントのような香りが大好きです!虫が嫌う匂いということで、アウトドアでの活動の際にもよく持っていきます。

オーストラリアのスーパーマーケットや薬局では、100%のピュアユーカリプタスオイルが50mlで1,000円程度ですが、日本では、10mlで2,000円くらいします。これだと洗濯や掃除に使うには、ちょっともったいない感じがしますよね? オーストラリアで売っている物と同じようなものが日本でも手に入るといいのですが。



I often use Eucalyptus oil at home - it’s one of my favorite oils. Eucalyptus is famous as food for koalas, but have you ever used eucalyptus oil?

One of the common uses of the oil is as a sterilizing agent. It’s also good for hay fever or a stuffy nose and you can use it as bug spray. It’s poisonous, so you need to dilute it before using it.
There are various uses, but I mainly use it for laundry or cleaning. I put several drops into the washing machine when I do the laundry. It works as a deodorant and eliminates viruses. You can also put some in a humidifier when you have a stuffy nose, and it makes breathing easier. Some people may dislike it, but I like its minty smell.

You can usually find 100% pure eucalyptus oil for around 1,000 yen in supermarkets or pharmacies in Australia. But it’s about 2,000 yen for only 10ml in Japan, so I feel like I’m wasting it if I use it for washing or cleaning. Luckily, my boss is a great guy and he bought me some on his last trip to Australia.

By the way, I also recommend Tea tree oil, which has similar uses to Eucalyptus oil! They are both natural products, so why not try one!