Wordwise 126 A2854

Am I learning now?

  • 2012.05.02

The verb study describes an activity, the activity that you undertake when you want to learn about something.

In contrast, the verb learn focuses on the moment when something has become part of your knowledge. The verb learn also contains a sense of completion and permanency; usually, when you have learned something, you know everything about it and you don’t easily forget it.

The sentence below sounds strange because the verb learn gives a sense of completion. If you have truly learned something, you are normally able to use that knowledge.

Strange: I learned English in school, but I can’t speak it.

It’s possible to study something without learning it, however, so the sentences below sound fine.

Natural: I studied English for two years, but I can’t speak it very well.
Natural: I studied very hard, but I didn’t learn much.


対照的に 動詞learnには、何らか事があなたの中に知識となることを意味しています。さらに、動詞learnには、何かが完結して、それが永続的であることを示唆します。 何かを一度学んでしまえば、それはずっと頭の中にあって、簡単に忘れるということはありませんよね?


おかしな言い回し: 学校で英語は学びました(learn)が、話せません。


自然な言い回し: 英語を2年間勉強しましたが、上手に話せません。
自然な言い回し: 私は一生懸命勉強しましたが、あまり学んでいません。