• 2012.04.29

数年前、私がオーストラリア ブリスベンの友人宅に遊びに行っていた時のことです。その友人の家庭では、裏庭で1羽のニワトリをペットとして飼っていました。毎朝たまごを産むニワトリは、子供たちの遊び相手でもあり、とっても大切にされていました。






Let me tell you a story about something a little odd that happened while I was visiting a friend who lives in Brisbane, Australia, a few years ago.

In my friend’s family’s house, they had a chicken in the back yard as a pet. It would lay an egg each morning and my friend’s son and daughter often played with it. They all took good care of the chicken.

One day, all of us were about to leave home to go camping, but we couldn’t find the chicken anywhere. We searched everywhere but we couldn’t find it. Her kids became upset and then started to cry.

We decided to leave home anyway, and a little later we found a notice in front of a house that said “Found chicken 0412-345-378” We all thought “Could it be…!? So my friend went to the house to get the chicken back. A guy came out and started asking about the chicken. “What color was it? Does it have any special features?” “What’s the name of the chicken?” Although this was quite unexpected, she answered all the questions. Then he finally gave her the chicken. We felt so relieved!

He was being very cautious, but he was very kind. What would you do if you were him? What would you do if you found a chicken walking on a street? It was a very interesting experience for me!