Wordwise 126 A2854


  • 2013.05.07


ある日、英語の会話の中で、「イースト(酵母)=Yeast」と言いたかった私。何度言っても通じませんでした。なぜならそれは、私がYeast [jíːst]ではなく、East [íːst]と発音していたからでした。“Yes”や“Yesterday”と言う時は、きっと皆さん問題なく発音できていることと思いますが、“Year”や“Ear”の時はどうでしょうか?





Do you remember our previous blog about how to pronounce R and L? It’s hard for us (Japanese people) to pronounce R and L, but it’s also hard to pronounce Y and W, don’t you think?

One day, during a conversation in English, I was trying to say “Yeast”. But my friend couldn’t catch what I was saying because I was pronouncing it as [íːst] East, instead of saying Yeast [jíːst].
I guess not many people have a problem saying “Yes” or “Yesterday”. But how about “Year” or “Ear”?

It’s hard to explain and represent these differences using Katakana. There’s a small “i” and then “Ya” but it’s just one sound, so you need to make both sounds at once—like saying “Yay✌”

The sound of “W” is also difficult to pronounce. I used to have a goldfish named “Wolf”. I always have trouble saying “Wolf” when I tell my “Wolf” story. You need to purse your lips, similar to when you make an “O” sound.

It’s hard to understand these differences using Katakana, but if you listen carefully and try to pronounce these better you will improve your pronunciation!