Wordwise 126 A2854

To know the ropes

  • 2013.05.08

To know the ropes expresses the idea that you completely understand the responsibilities and tasks of a position. It emphasizes the fact that you have a lot of experience with a particular job or activity and can do it very well. 

He’ll be able to do his job very well once he knows the ropes. (~once he learns what to do.)
John is having a difficult time at work because he still hasn’t learned the ropes. (~doesn’t what to do.)

“To know the ropes”という表現は、あなたが完全に仕事の責任や立場を理解するという考えを表します。そしてそれは、あなたがある特定の仕事や活動の経験が豊富であり、うまくできるこという事実を強調します。