Tragedy in Hawaii

  • 2017.05.12

As I always say, I like beaches and being in the sun very much, and I really enjoyed my vacation in Hawaii last month. However, today, I would like to write about a little painful memory of it with the hope that this terrible event will never happen to any of you this summer.

When I go to the beach, I usually don’t put on any sunscreen or oils, especially for these past few years, and I have never had any problem with it or even thought that anything might happen to me. So, this time also, I didn’t take anything with me but a small towel to protect my face. Yes, I do not like getting a suntan on my face.

In my opinion, chilling at the beach is the best way to spend time in summer, so it was not easy to pick up on the fact that I was not sun tanning but sun burning myself badly for the whole time I was there. Can you imagine that you can’t even walk from too much swelling? My legs were extremely hot, turned blood-red and I could hardly bend them.

This could be the worst travel experience of my life, but I’m already healed physically or, should I say, mentally, so I decided to write this blog to tell you all about the risk and hopefully I can put this event behind me.

P.S. I won’t give up going to the beach but I will make sure to put sunscreen on going forward.


★tragedy: 「悲劇、惨事」などを意味するこの単語。楽しいはずのハワイでどんな悲劇が!?comedy「喜劇」の反語として覚えておくと良いですね!

★chill:  名詞で使うと「冷え、寒気、冷たさ」などを表します。動詞でも「冷やす」などの意味で使いますが、口語ではこのように、「リラックスする」と意味で良く使われます。chill outは「のんびりする」、また、ちょっと感情が高ぶっている人に”Chill out!”「落ち着いて!」と声をかける時にも使います。覚えておきましょう!

★swell: 「ふくれる、はれあがる、増大する」などの意味を持つこの語。ここでは歩くのも大変なくらい足が腫れ上がってしまったのですね!いたいっ>_<

★going forward: 「進み続ける」という意味と「今後」という意味を持っています。これからもビーチでのんびりすることはやめないとのこと。でも今後はその時に“必ず”日焼け止めをぬる!そうです^^