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​Top 3: Words that are better than great.

  • 2016.08.31

It is *customary for a teacher to begin a lesson by asking some simple questions, such as “How was your weekend?” or “What was the movie like?” Usually the student will answer with a simple, “Good”, or perhaps the little more exciting, “Great!”

“Good” is good response and “great” is a bit better, but there are so many fantastic adjectives in English that you should try to vary your responses. You will sound more natural and interesting.

Here is a list *off the top of my head of just some of the adjectives that you could choose from:

amazing, outstanding, unbelievable, sublime, wicked, spectacular, excellent, fantastic, terrific, tremendous, superb, wonderful, exceptional, first-rate, magnificent, impressive, phenomenal, …

Some of these will work in all situations while some are saved for special occasions. So, choosing the best word can be difficult for a learner. Try copying another person in the group, or just try using a word you like. If it doesn’t fit, other people in the conversation will let you know.

Everybody has their personal favorites, which are influenced by age, upbringing, friends, and culture. This makes for some wonderful variety!

Here are my personal top 3 words that are better than great:

#1: Sensational: I just like the way you can emphasize different parts of the word. “Wow! This meal is sen-SA-tional!”

#2: Awesome: I use this word a lot in conversation because it was popular when I was younger. It continues to be used, but be careful because it can sometimes sound too casual. “Man! What an awesome day!”

#3: Cracking: I like this slang term because it is a term used often in Australia, and so it is part of my *cultural identity. “This has been a cracking match!.”

*off the top of one’s head:よく考えないで、即座に
*cultural identity:文化的アイデンティティー