​That hits the spot!

  • 2016.08.26

Imagine this situation – you have been walking around in the hot summer sun, your mouth and throat are very, very dry. Then your friend gives you an ice-cold refreshing bottle of water. How good does that feel?! In cases like this, when something you eat or drink is extremely satisfying, you can say, “That hit(s) the spot!”

This saying means that the food or drink was exactly what you needed. Look at these examples:
1. You were very busy all day and didn’t eat lunch. After finally eating dinner, you say,
“Yum! That pizza really hit the spot!”

2. After work, you open a cold beer and take your first big drink. You say,
“Ah…That really hits the spot!”

この状況を想像してみてください-太陽の日差しの強い暑い夏の日、口も喉もカラカラです。その時友達がキンキンに冷えた水をくれたら。その時のうれしさと言ったら?!こんな時、食べ物や飲み物が最高に満足のいくものだった時"That hit(s) the spot!”が使えます!

この表現は、食べ物や飲み物がその時まさに必要としているものだったという意味です。 これらの例を見てみてください。