Top 3: vocabulary building smartphone applications

  • 2016.08.17

There are many applications available to help you learn English words. They are easy to download for free or for a small fee. The great advantage of these apps is that you can study vocabulary anywhere anytime, so instead of playing a mindless game on your 12-minute subway ride to work, you can use that time to improve your English skills. If you study 10-15 minutes a day, you will see some positive results very quickly.

The one negative point is that there are literally thousands of these apps. So, it can be difficult finding one that best suits you and your needs. To help, here are my Top 3 vocabulary building applications.

#1 – WordWise: This is a simple, yet effective application – with a great name! (haha) Even though it is not connected to us here at Wordwise, I recommend it because it uses a fun, game-style approach where you can gain points as you build your vocabulary. It is also a great application for improving your spelling, too!

#2 – MyWordBook: This is a great app developed by the British Council and Cambridge Publishing. It uses interactive activities, such as flashcards, and focuses on the most important English words. There are tests and review exercises, too, so you can check your progress. The application’s only  downside is that after you learn all the vocabulary that come with the app, you will need to purchase more “word packs” to match your level and interests.

#3 – Allen IELTS Prep TestBank!: This app is specifically for students preparing for the IELTS test (although there are similar apps for the TOEFL and TOEIC tests). As everyone studying for the IELTS test knows, to get a good score you need to study vocabulary – a lot! The app costs a small amount (~120 yen) to purchase but provides you with over 1000 test questions, so you can get some great practice doing the various question types.

These are just a few of the many great applications to choose from. If you have any other great suggestions of applications to improve vocabulary, please let us know by adding a comment.

downside:マイナス面 欠点