Wordwise 126 A2854

To make amends

  • 2014.09.26

When a person tries to “make amends”, they try to make a situation better after they have done something very wrong.
People usually apologize with words (“I’m sorry”), but make amends through their actions.

For example:
- After crashing his friend’s car, Tony made amends by buying a new one.
- To make amends for forgetting her boyfriend’s birthday, she took him out to his favorite restaurant.

「To make amends」 とは、何か悪いことをしてしまった後に、状況を良くしようと場を取り繕うという意味です。

- 友達の車をぶつけてしまった後、トニーは新車を買ってお詫びをした。
- 彼女は彼の誕生日を忘れてしまったので、お詫びに彼のお気に入りのレストランに連れて行った。