To hit home

  • 2013.02.06

To hit home is an idiom used to express how poignant something is. In other words, the event, comment or image has a strong effect on you because it forces you to understand something unpleasant.
For example, “I knew from TV shows and stories friends had told me that the standard of living in the country was low. However, it wasn’t until I went there and saw it with my own eyes that the level of poverty really hit home.”
In the above example, the person’s thoughts have been matched by a heartfelt appreciation of the true nature of things.

To hit homeとは、胸をぐさりとつく何かを表現するのに使われるイディオムです。言い換えると、不快なコメントやイメージがあなたに強い影響を与えるということです。