The Year of the Snake

  • 2013.01.19

According to the Chinese Zodiac the Year of the Snake (this year is a black or water snake year) begins Feb 10, 2013. For those of you who were born in the Year of the Snake (like me), this could be a great year for you . . . or maybe not?

“Snakes” are naturally intelligent, materialistic, and graceful, with great taste when choosing books, music and furnishings. But this year may not be so lucky for “Snakes”. Let’s have a look at some predictions for the year to come for us “Snakes”.

Healthwise, “Snakes” appear to be prone to minor accidents this year and may need to take things a bit quiet to avoid stress and anxiety.

In terms of money, hard work should be rewarded this year, but care should be taken with investments and new business deals. If you going into business with a “Snake” this year, take care!!

Relationships in 2013 may be problematic for “Snakes”. You may have a number of misunderstandings and fallings out with loved ones, but things are likely to be better with friends and acquaintances outside the home.

So overall, after a lucky year in 2012, “Snakes” can expect to be a little less lucky in 2013. Good luck to all the “Snakes” out there: work hard, get plenty of rest and take care of your loved ones.




“ヘビ” は生まれつき知性的・唯物的で・優雅であり、本や音楽・家具を選ぶのに優れているそうですが、今年は”ヘビ”にとって、そんなに良い年ではないかもしれません。





ということで、総合的にいえば、ラッキーな2012年の後には、少しだけラッキーな2013年があるということです。すべての”ヘビ年の人たち” 頑張って下さいね:一生懸命働いて、十分な休息を得て、あなたの愛する人たちを大切にしてくださいね!