Songs of Summer

  • 2013.07.21

Summer’s here at last, and how great it is!!! Nothing beats waking up to bright sunshine and blue skies with nothing to do all day but relax and enjoy it.

But whether you’re at the beach, enjoying a drink somewhere or just out driving around, what is summertime without great music? I’m sure we all associate certain songs with summer, and when we think back to summers past, those songs of summer provide a soundtrack to our great memories.

Let me tell you about two songs that always spring to mind when I recall summers long gone. The first is “In the summertime” by Shaggy (featuring Rayvon). This song was a hit back in 1970 for the British band Mungo Jerry, but I love the Shaggy cover released in 1995 from his album Boombastic. Shaggy’s Jamaican style really adds to the summer feel. It still sounds great even 20 years on. Give it a listen

The second song that really reminds me of summer is from 1984 – “The Boys of Summer” by the former Eagles, Don Henley. A haunting song with a cool repetitive riff, it has a great nostalgic feel and seems to call up the ghosts of summers past . . . I loved it in 1984 and I love it still.

Of course there are tons of great summer songs . . . why not add your favourite to the list? I look forward to listening to it!



長く過ぎ去ってしまった夏を思い出す時の歌を2曲紹介します。まず最初はShaggy (featuring Rayvon)の“In the summertime”です。この歌は1970年代、イギリスのバンドMungo Jerryによってヒットした曲ですが、私は1995年にリリースされたShaggyのアルバムBoombastic に入っている、ジャマイカスタイルのカバー曲がより夏の感じがして好きです。20年たった今でも好きな曲です。ぜひ聞いてみてください。

もう一つは、1984年から夏を思い出させる曲―イーグルスのメンバー Don Henleyによる“The Boys of Summer”です。 繰り返されるかっこいいリフの忘れられない歌、すごく懐かしい感じがして過去の夏の幻影を呼び出すようです。。。1984年、私はこの曲が大好きでしたが、今でも大好き曲です。