So, you’d like to lose weight?

2012年 09月 11日 English Tips

Synonyms are words that have similar meanings. However, their meanings are often not exactly the same and making an effort to understand these small differences, or nuances, can really improve your English skills.

Three words that are often used to describe someone who is “not fat” are slim, thin, and skinny. These words are synonyms but they each have a unique nuance.
Slim suggests that a person is fit, healthy and “just the right size”.
Thin suggests that the person is not fat, but may be “a little too small”.
Skinny suggests that the person is definitely not fat, but in fact is “too small”. In this way, it is more negative than the either slim or thin. (I can just hear my mother now, “You’re too skinny! Are you eating enough?”)

Knowing the nuance of words can ensure you express your thoughts accurately.
So, would you like to be slim, thin or skinny?


同義語とは、似たような意味を持つ言葉のことをいいます。 ただし、その意味は必ずしも全く同じということではありません。

この3つの言葉 「slim=スリム」、「thin=細い」、「skinny=痩せている」は、「太っていない」人を表すのによく使われます。