Wordwise 126 A2854

So-so – is it the best phrase to use?

  • 2011.08.03

The expression “so-so” is used to describe a situation that is “not so good, not so bad”.

This expression is so popular and well known among Japanese learners of English that it has become a part of everyday Japanese conversation. In fact, it seems Japanese speakers of English use this expression far more than native speakers.

If you want your English to sound more like a native-speaker’s try using the phrase “I guess” and “I suppose”.

How was the restaurant?  “It was okay, I guess.”
Was the movie good?”      “It was alright, I suppose.”

「So-so- =まあまあ」 の表現は、「とても良いわけでもなく、それほど悪くない」という意味で使われます。

“I guess” and “I suppose”. 「そう思います」と、いう表現を使うと良いでしょう。