Wordwise 126 A2854

So many uses!

  • 2011.04.20

In conversation, there are many ways to use the word “so”:

1. To (re-) start a topic
So, your getting married in a few weeks?

2. To check your understanding
So, the lesson’s at 6.30, right?

3. To pause and let the other person draw a conclusion
I won’t finish until late, so…

4. To close a topic
And so, that’s what happened.

会話の中では、“ so ” は様々な使われ方をします。

1. 会話を始める(再開する)時

2. 理解しているか確認する時

3. 一度止めて、相手に結論を出してもらいたい時

4. 話題を終わらせる時