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Saint Patrick’s Day

  • 2013.03.12

On New Year’s Eve, couples exchanged a kiss at midnight to welcome the new year.A month ago, couples again had an opportunity to display their affection for each other on Valentine’s Day. Now, if you aren’t involved in a relationship at the beginning of the year, you probably start feeling lonely, maybe even slightly depressed and definitely celebration-deprived come March.
Luckily, on March 17th, another catholic saint gives single people the long-awaited chance to enjoy themselves. I am talking of course about Saint Patrick, also known as Saint Paddy.

Saint Patrick was born at the end of the 4th century in Britain and first discovered Ireland after being kidnapped and taken there as a slave by Irish raiders. After a while, he managed to escape and returned to his family. Not long after that, he decided to become a priest and to go back to Ireland to Christianise the Irish. Although little is known about the details of his life, a number of legends helped build Saint Patrick’s myth. He is said, for instance, to have banished all the snakes from Ireland. In a now widely catholic country, he is revered as a saint patron, a symbol of the Irish Church and nation.

One may wonder how a local religious figure like Saint Patrick became synonymous with partying and alcohol all over the world. Well, his worldwide fame could be explained by the Irish diaspora in the 1840s. At that time, Ireland was hit by a great famine and many Irish people had to leave their island. As a result, an estimated 80 million people around the world claim to be of Irish descent. The reason why his name is associated with partying probably finds its roots in the pride of the Irish in their cultural heritage and their will to keep their ancestral traditions alive, and some smart advertising by renowned Irish brewers, such as Guinness, just to name one.

So, if you haven’t already made plans for March 17th, hit your local Irish pub and enjoy the fine Irish brews and liquors. And, who knows, if you’re single, you may actually meet your next Valentine on Saint Paddy’s Day!



セイント・パトリックは、4世紀の終わりに英国で生まれました。そしてアイルランドの侵略者の奴隷として誘拐された後、アイルランドで発見されました。しばらくしてから、彼はなんとか逃げることができ、家族の元に戻りました。その後まもなく、彼は聖職者になり、アイルランドの人々にキリスト教を広めるためにアイルランドへ戻ることを決意しました。彼の人生の詳細については、ほとんどわかっておりませんが、いくつかの伝説がセイント・パトリックの神話を作り上げたと言われています。 例えば、彼はアイルランドから全てのヘビを追い出しとか。