Personal Soundtracks

  • 2015.03.07

I started watching a movie the other night. It mustn’t have been very good because I fell asleep after only ten minutes. But, before I did, I heard a comment that appealed to me:

“Now, it's a great feeling when you find the right (music) track to go with the day.
And today, I have found the absolute perfect song.” – Will Hayes (Definitely, Maybe, 2008)

Of course, personal playlists are not new, but with today’s smartphones we can listen to absolutely any song anytime anywhere. Now, I’m always open to new music and welcome recommendations. So, even though a playlist is a personal thing, an insight into your personality, you can find links to a few songs that have been on my recent “soundtrack” below. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these songs, too.

Remember, listening to English songs can be not only fun but also a good way to learn English. Listening to music in English helps you to catch the sounds of English words and get used to the melody of the language. You will learn new vocabulary and remember these words better. (Note: song lyrics are easily found on the Internet.) And, perhaps most importantly, it can keep your motivation high because it keeps English fun! Listen and the learning will follow.

When choosing songs to help you study, you should choose music you like. Obviously! There is no point listening to music that doesn’t suit your taste. Also, it is best to listen to a song that tells a story so that you can learn a story line. Finally, it’s best to stay away from songs with profanity or inappropriate content.

Here are some songs from my recent playlist. I’d be interested to hear what songs you’ve been listening to and/or a suggestion for a good song to help learn English.

1. Locked out of heaven – Bruno Mars: Good to play at the end of work. It’s upbeat and funky.

2. Lonely Boy – Black keys: Also good for after work, or during the quiet periods during the day. Like most good rock songs, the band uses only three chords to make this gem. Check out the video – I’ve been told this is how I dance. I sure hope so!

3. Let her Go – Passenger: This one is for quiet reflection, so usually I’d listen to this late at night.


「その日に合う曲を見つけるととてもいい気分だよ。それで、今日はピッタリな一曲を見つけたんだ。」-Will Hayes (Definitely, Maybe, 2008)



1. Locked out of heaven – Bruno Mars:

2. Lonely Boy – Black keys:

3. Let her Go – Passenger: