On The Ball

  • 2013.09.06

To be “on the ball” simply means to be alert so that you may react quickly.
This comment is used in all social situations now. However, it is likely that it originated from sporting grounds. A coach may yell to his players “Let’s be on the ball!” as a way to encourage them to be alert.
Naturally, a player who is standing on the balls of his or her feet can move more quickly to field or hit a ball. A similar expression is “ to be on your toes”.
「on the ball」というのは、単にすぐに動けるように注意するという意味を持ちます。
コーチは大声で、選手たちに “Let’s be on the ball!”と声をかけます。注意してチャンスを逃さないように声がけるためです。
自然と、ボールを持っている選手はすぐボールをけることができます。これに似た表現は、“to be on your toes” と言います。