It became known as

  • 2016.11.18

This phrase is used to describe an important event, an art or political movement, or unique style that did not have a name until many years later. History is full of countless examples. Here are a few:

-In 1967, thousands of young people gathered in San Francisco to promote peace and love in what became known as the “Summer of Love.”

-Andy Warhol’s unique simple style later became known as ‘pop art’.


-1967年、大勢の若者が平和と愛を推進するためサンフランシスコに集まったことは“Summer of Love”として知られるようになった

-アンディ ウォーホルの独特でシンプルなスタイルは後に ’ポップ アート’ として知られるようになった