Wordwise 126 A2854


  • 2016.07.01



Q1: What languages have you studied before?
A: I have studied English and Korean.

Q2: Have you ever been to a language school?
A: Yes, I have been to English language schools in America and Australia.

Q3: Do you often read foreign books or watch foreign language movies?
A: Yes, I watch American dramas and foreign movies a lot but I rarely read books.

Q4: Have you ever taken a foreign or second language exam?
A: Yes, I have taken Eiken, TOEIC and TOEFL when I was a student.

Q5: Do you have any tips for studying languages? Also can you recommend any books or movies for study?
A: What I used to do when I went abroad was imagine every kind of situation in English and find out what vocabulary is needed to describe what you want to say. Additionally, you have to copy somebody who speaks English fluently. I was doing this while taking the bus or before going to bed, and then you will even dream about it in English.
I think this is a pretty good idea for extra study besides classes, because you don’t need money, a specific place, teacher or anything. What you have to do is just fantasize.

Q6: What language would you like to study next if you have a chance?
A: If I have a chance, I would like to study French so that I can watch French movies without subtitles or go to Paris and pretend I am a Parisienne.

Q7: Do you have any advice for English learners?
A: I would like to say “Love it!” because the more you enjoy learning, the faster you can improve your English!


★rarely: この単語は 「めったに~ない」という意味で、否定の意味を含んでいます。Maiは、アメリカのドラマや外国の映画は観ても、本はめったに読まないのですね!このように一つの単語で否定の意味を含むものは他にもあります。hardly, seldom, scarcelyなどもチェックしてみて下さいね!

★besides:  このように前置詞で使うと「~のほかに、~に加えて」という意味になります。否定文や疑問文で「~を除いて」というような意味になることもあります。そして副詞として「そのうえ、おまけに」などの意味でも使えます。使いこなせるようになるとライティングスキルのレベルアップに貢献してくれますよ!

★fantasize:  頭の中でいろいろなことを空想したり、妄想することを表します。会話を想像しながら、自分で言いたいことを言うためにはどんな単語が必要かなどを考え、ネイティブの人ならこんな風に言うかな?などイメージトレーニングすることは会話力をぐんぐん伸ばしてくれます!

★subtitles:  映画などで画面に出る字幕のことです。字幕なしでフランス映画が見られたらとてもステキですね^^