Wordwise 126 A2854


  • 2016.01.15

I’d like to introduce our staff and instructors, who know the fun as well as the difficulties associated with studying other languages.
This time is…….Aya!

Q1: What languages have you studied before?
A : I've studied English.

Q2: Have you ever been to a language school?
A : Yes, for about three months at a community center in the US.

Q3: Do you often read foreign books or watch foreign language movies?
A: I watch American or English TV dramas and movies all the time.

Q4: Have you ever taken a foreign or second language exam?
A : Yes, I've taken TOEFL and TOEIC.

Q5: Do you have any tips for studying languages? Also can you recommend any books or movies for study?
A : To think in English - I know it's hard! But using my imagination and pretending I were a fluent English speaker and copying a native speaker's pronunciation that I really liked the sound of were effective techniques for me. I also recommend enjoying English versions of books and movies which you already know the storylines to.

Q6: What language would you like to study next if you have a chance?
A : Spanish. I've tried to start studying it once and bought some books, but never actually started...

Q7: Do you have any advice for English learners?
A : Enjoy learning!

I hope this help you with your study!