Wordwise 126 A2854

Have to vs. have got to

  • 2013.06.05

Many students wonder about the difference in meaning between “I have to …” and “I have got to…”.
The truth is that these two common phrases have the same meaning. The difference comes in how they are used.

I have to ____ is more grammatically correct and is used in written English and more formal conversation.

I have got to.. is more idiomatic and is used in more casual conversation. With practice, it can be spoken with more casually and may add emphasis. E.g.” I have GOT to study!”

In very casual conversations between friends this phrase may be reduced further to “I gotta ___”

生徒の多くの人たちは、“I have to…”と“I have got to …”の違いを不思議に思っていることでしょう。

I have to ______は、より文法的に正しく、書きの場合に使われることが多く、よりフォーマルな会話において使われます。

I have got to…はより慣用的で、よりカジュアルな会話において使われます。練習すれば、よりさりげなく言えるようになって、強調を加えることもできるでしょう。。例:「私は勉強しないと!」

友達とのカジュアルな会話では、このフレーズがさらに“I gotta____”となります。