Wordwise 126 A2854

English is a tool

  • 2014.03.11








Recently English seems to be essential everywhere. Every company seeks bilingual staff. I see a lot of ads for jobs with English requirements and ads for English schools on TV and subway trains. These days I see people talking in English in towns. I feel English is spreading across Japanese society finally and becoming a big part of our lives. It is so wonderful that all the people in the world can communicate in a common language!

So, if I hear a lot of English everywhere, it should mean that people are now studying the language and mastering it. So what’s the next step? With English what would you like to do? This has been my question for the last ten years.

To speak English had been a goal in my life throughout my childhood. It felt like I crashed into a huge wall after having to come back to Japan from my language school. Nothing else interested me. But in the last few cold and snowy months, my passion for knitting has come back again. Knitting has been one of my favorite things since I was little, and I’m so eager to be a better knitter. So why not learn it in English?! I’m starting to think that this might help improve my English.

It would be nice to learn more complicated techniques on top of the basics I already have. And if I could do all that in English, I will be learning the techniques meanwhile learning English. Getting English knitting lessons in Sapporo seems pretty impossible (unless I have an English-speaking grandma!), so I think, first of all, I’m going to start off with reading English knitting books and hope I can learn new knitting patterns.

If you are learning a language, it might be better to pursue your hobby in an English language-speaking environment, because it’s sometimes hard to continue unless you can enjoy doing it.

Being able to speak English doesn’t seem to be enough these days. The important thing is what you can do with the language. English is a common tool around the world; however, it’s not just a language, but a tool for use in learning how to do other things.