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Daylight saving?

  • 2013.04.11

With spring finally here and the snow gone, it’s time for me to start running again in the mornings. It’s also time to again start wondering why Japan doesn’t have daylight saving.

I love getting up early in the morning, around 4:30 am, and going for a run along the Hassamu river. I usually run about 12-15 km, and I get home around 6:00 am. But the thing that constantly amazes me is how bright and sunny it gets while most other people are still asleep.

In Australia, where I’m from, we have daylight saving – people put their clocks forward an hour in summer, so instead of wasting the sunshine early in the morning, they get to enjoy an extra hour of sun after work in the evening. I wish we could have this in Japan!

I know it was used in Japan in the past but abandoned in 1952, but with concerns about power usage it makes a lot of sense.

The peak electricity use in the home is around 6 to 7 pm. If Japan implemented daylight saving, there would be little need for lights to be turned on at this time, thus saving electricity use. So come on, guys, let’s put some pressure on the government and introduce daylight saving!!!




私の出身地であるオーストラリアでは、サマータイムがあります。 – 人々は夏、朝日を無駄にしないよう時計を1時間早めます。なので仕事の後は、余分に明るい時間を楽しむことができるのです。日本にもサマータイムがあったらいいですよね!