Coffee oases in Central Sapporo: Kita Jizo

2010年 11月 06日 インストラクターブログ
Coffee Oases In Central Sapporo Kita Jizo

Kita Jizo was the first coffee shop I ever visited in Japan. When I first visited here almost 20 years ago, I stopped in for coffee and was pleasantly surprised by the great service and pleasant atmosphere. With flowers on the tables and subdued lighting, it reminded me very much of my favourite coffee/tea shop outside my college in England.

Years later when I came back to Sapporo, I was glad to see little had changed. The staff had changed, but the new waitresses were equally as friendly and equally as charming.

Now after 20 years, I still visit Kita Jizo for coffee or cocoa and a light snack. It is still a great place to sit and chat, or read a book, and the new staff are still just as friendly.

Located just behind the tokeidai, it is in a great position for people in the city to drop in, but beware of the bathroom. On opening the first of two doors you will find yourself in a pitch black anteroom, and it can be a bit unnerving for first time users. But trust to fortune and you’ll be fine! I hope to see you there one day soon!