British and American English

  • 2015.07.03

When we hear the word English, we often think of one language but English is spoken by many different people all over the world. The English spoken in Australia is different from that spoken in Canada, just as the English spoken in Ireland is different from that spoken in India.

Two major types of English are British and American. In my travels to both countries, I have come across many differences. For example, if an American friend and a British friend arrange to meet on the first floor they would probably be waiting a long time. In America, “the first floor” is the same floor as here in Japan, but in Britain they call it “the ground floor”. Also, in America, they fill their cars with “gas” at a gas station but in Britain they get “petrol” at a petrol station. In Britain, chips are large slices of fried potato (Fish ‘n’ Chips) whereas in America chips are potato chips. Once I told an American friend that I got my fringe cut and she laughed and asked why? She thought I was talking about my curtains! In America they say bangs. Below is a link to some common differences. How many did you know?



★Come across~: 出くわす、見つける、という意味です。ここではhaveをつけて、[have come across]と過去完了の形をとっています。ここでは、それぞれの国の色んな違いが旅行を通して発見されたのですね^^

★Whereas: ~であるのに対して、~に反してという意味。よく耳にする単語ですが、イマイチ使い方がピンとこない方も多いのでは?「英国でフィッシュ&チップスを意味するのに対して、米国ではポテトチップスのことを指す。」このように対照になる節を用いて使います。

★Fringe: 日本語でもおなじみのフリンジ。英国では前髪のことを言うんですね!ここでは、アメリカ人の友達は「前髪」ではなく、フリンジカーテンを切ったと勘違いしてしまったようです(@_@)!!