Wordwise 126 A2854

Big Fish

  • 2014.02.26

Although March is just around the corner, Hokkaido dwellers know better than to start planning the first picnic of the year just yet; rather, we brace ourselves for another couple of months of long wintry evenings. If you sometimes wonder what to do at home, here is a movie that could disctract you for a couple of hours from the blizzard that’s raging outside.

It’s called Big Fish. Made in 2003 by Tim Burton, it features some great actors, such as Ewan Mc Gregor, Jessica Lange and Albert Finney. It takes place in the Southern United States and tells the story of Edward Bloom. As a former traveling salesman, Edward was often away from home, and would come back with incredible tales that he claimed had happened to him. His talent for storytelling and larger-than-life personality have made him much loved by everyone who has known him except his son, Will. Will resents the fact that his father never tells the plain truth and feels like he doesn’t know him at all. In fact, father and son haven’t talked to each other in years. One day, Edward falls suddenly very ill, and Will and his pregnant wife fly over to visit him. Despite his failing health, his appetite for entertaining people with his stories is intact, and he takes advantage of the presence of Will’s wife to tell his tales one more time and to take us into a world full of fantastic and colorful characters. The world of Edward Bloom.

With Big Fish, Tim Burton, a wonderful storyteller himself, doesn’t just deal with the serious topics of parent-child relationships and the loss of a loved one, but shows us an alternative way to live one’s life, halfway between dream and reality. If, like me, you like to think that fact and fiction don’t always have to be very different, Big Fish might soon become one of your favorite movies.