Been vs. Gone

2011年 02月 02日 English Tips

When talking about vacations and overseas trips, English learners are often unsure whether to say I have been to London. Or I have gone to London.
Well, First you must remember that i) been is the past participle of  be, and ii) gone is the past participle of go.

Been can be used to describe completed journeys.
So if you have been to England twice, you have travelled there and back twice.
For example: I’ve been to Africa, but I’ve never been to Asia.

If you have gone to England, you have not yet returned.
For example: I’ve gone to the bank. I should be back in half an hour.

“I have been to London.” と、“I have gone to London.” のどちらを使ったらよいか

i) been
be の過去分詞で、) gone go の過去分詞だということです。

Been は、あなたが既に旅を終えていることを意味します。

Gone を使った場合は、あなたがイギリスに行ってまだ戻ってきていないという意味になります。