• 2012.02.19

友達とワイワイ楽しんでいる中、誰かが飲み物の買い出し。 「何飲む?」と聞かれた時、あなたは何と答えますか?きっとよく口にしているのが「なんでもいい」ではないでしょうか?同じ状況で英語では“Anything” や “Whatever” という言葉をよく耳にします。(頼まれた人は、その答えが一番面倒だったりしますが!?)

そんなよくある状況を考慮した!?おもしろい飲み物を私はシンガポールで発見しました! それは・・・缶の表面に大きく書かれた「?」のマークと “Anything” もしくは “Whatever” の言葉。中身の表示がないため、選ぶことができず、飲むまでわからない。。。まさに「なんでもいい」と答えた人向け!のドリンクです!?

種類は色々あり、“Anything” は炭酸入りで6種類。 “Whatever” は無炭酸で同じく6種類です。
シンガポールでは、誰もが知っている大人気の飲み物で、フードコートや売店等どこででも見かけます。また、“Anything”には “Colors” というバージョンもあり、同じデザインですが、缶の色が黒・オレンジ・黄色の3種類あり、コーラ・オレンジ・ハニーレモンの味があります。

ある日お店にて -
私:「Anything ください」
店員さん:「Anything? Anything 黒? Anything オレンジ? Anything 黄色?」。。。 (なんだか味がわかってしまうような!?)

その他に友人と -
私:「じゃあ私は Anything で。」
友人:「Anything? それともなんでもいいの?」




While you are having a good time with your friends, sometimes your friends go get more drinks. And they ask “What do you want to drink?” In this situation, what do you usually say? Probably…“Anything”, isn’t it? In English, I often hear “Anything” or “Whatever” in the same situation. (This answer is probably the most annoying answer though!?)

In Singapore, I’ve found an interesting beverage which is considered in this common situation… It shows a “?” symbol on the can and the words “Anything” or “Whatever”. There is no other information on the can so you won’t be able to find out what’s in it until you open it…This is absolutely the drink for the person who wants to have “Anything” !

“Anything” is a carbonated soft drink that comes in 6 varieties. “Whatever” is a non-carbonated drink that also comes in 6 varieties. This is a very famous drink in Singapore, available at any food court or shop.
“Anything” has another version called “Colors” which comes in 3 different types; black, orange and yellow. The flavors are cola, orange, and honey lemon.

One time at a shop I said, “I’ll have Anything.” The shop staff replied, “Anything? Anything black? Anything orange? or Anything yellow?”… (I think that it kind of misses the point being given a choice with “Anything”.)
Another time with my friend I said, “I’ll have Anything, then.” To which my friend responded, “You want “Anything” or anything?” Confusing, isn’t it? LOL

There are strict rules regarding labeling in Japan so we can’t have drinks like this. But I think that it’d be interesting if we did!

Check this advertisement out on youtube!