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Top 3: Ways to study English without studying English

  • 2015.12.27

The New Year break is a chance to stop, relax and recharge your batteries. Many students will choose to take a short break from their studies, which can be a good way to refresh your mind. But, if you want to practice your English a little over the holiday, here are the top 3 ways to study English without really studying.

#1 – Watch a DVD. This is a great way to improve your listening, vocabulary and natural expressions because you can switch between Japanese and English and turn the subtitles (字幕) on or off. Watch the whole show as usual, then go back to your favorite scene and watch it a few more times – first, with the subtitles, then without. Record and practice any new words/phrases.

Hint: A drama series is better than a movie because you are more familiar with the characters.

#2 – Listen to music. This is a popular way to relax and it is a fun way to practice listening. Song lyrics do not always follow English grammar rules, but they are easy to remember. If you search Youtube, you can usually find a version of your favorite song with the lyrics written on the screen. To make it even more fun, try this website: http://lyricstraining.com/. You will amaze your friends the next time you go to karaoke!

#3 – Play a game. Studying a language can be tough. Even the most motivated students can get bored at times. To avoid this, try doing things differently. Playing games is a great way to make English study fun again. Why not check out the following site? http://eslgamesbox.com/eslgamesforadults/