Wordwise 126 A2854

Top 3 (other) ways to say thank you

  • 2016.06.01

We all need some help at times in our lives, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing our gratitude with the simple words, “Thank you very much.” But, we can add a little extra meaning to our thank you by using one of the following phrases:

1. I really appreciate it.
When you appreciate something, it means that you have a true understanding of the help you received and real *gratitude for the help. Basically, it’s an extra strong “thank you.”

2. I couldn’t have done it without you.
As the words suggest, the help you received was very important and essential to completing the task. Anyone hearing this expression will feel happy that they took time and made an effort to assist you.

3. You saved my life!
This expression is an *exaggeration that is usually saved for emergency situations when help was given unexpectedly or immediately. For example, you are late for work and your car doesn’t start. You call your friend, and they quickly drive to your house to give you a lift to the office. In this case, “You saved my life!” would be a perfect way to say thanks.

So, next time someone nice helps you out, say “thank you” and think about adding a little extra. There’s no doubt they will appreciate hearing it!