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IELTS勉強法:リーディングの秘訣#2: “語彙を増やすには?”

  • 2015.11.10


今回はリーディングのコツ その2!



"How to build vocabulary?"

The last tip suggested focusing on the use of synonyms in the test. Now, many students think they should practice doing old tests over and over again to improve in this area. While using old test papers can help you become familiar with typical IELTS questions, there are so many words in English that there is very little chance that exactly the same words will be in the next test.

“So how should I build my vocabulary?”
This is a very difficult question to answer because every student learns in a different way. However, one general truth is that reading is the best way to improve your vocabulary. So, you should read, and read a lot!
Here are two very important things you should keep in mind:

First, don’t just read old IELTS test papers. Yes, these old papers can help you prepare for the test, but reading articles about topics you are not interested in is very boring! It is much better to read articles on topics you are interested in is a much better, whether that be music, fashion, cars, sports or some other topic This way, you are much more likely to stay motivated.
Secondly, when you come across a new word, highlight or underline it, but don’t stop reading. After you have finished the article, go back and try to guess the meaning. This skill will help you in the test. Finally, you should check the meaning in a dictionary.
The next step is essential! You must write these words down in a vocabulary notebook. Be sure to include important information, such as the meaning, synonyms (and antonyms). An example sentence will also help you remember how to use the word.

Here is an example:

Regular review of the words in your notebook, about once a week, will help you build your vocabulary quickly.

次回は「何を読んだら良い?」についてのお話です! お楽しみに^^