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IELTS勉強法:スピーキングの秘訣#4: “Task 3の対策!”

  • 2016.02.02



今回はスピーキングセクションの3つのTaskのうちの最後Task 3の対策です!

Question #5: What will I have to do exactly in Task 3?

Task 3: 2-way discussion

This section of the test lasts about 4-5 minutes. Task 3 is designed to check your ability to handle more difficult questions.

The interviewer will ask you questions related to the topic in Task 2; however, the question will be more abstract. This means that you will need to consider a general situation rather than your personal experience. In our Task 2 example, you spoke about season and the weather. Therefore, in Task 3, the interviewer may ask you about weather and environmental issues, such as:

- Are people in your country concerned about climate change?
- Who does the responsibility of protecting the environment lie with, governments or individuals?
- Does it help to educate young people about the effects of pollution?

This task is called a 2-way discussion, but in truth, you will be expected to do most of the speaking.