Wordwise 126 A2854


  • 2015.12.08


このコーナーでは、IELTSの勉強法がわからないと感じている方に、お勧めの勉強法をご紹介します!今回はリーディングのコツ その4!



“Can I use old tests?”

Okay, so in the previous tips, we have mentioned several times not to spend all day and night doing old IELTS tests. I hope the reasons for this are clear; however, there can be benefits to reviewing previous test papers…if you do so in the right way.

An effective method of practicing a previous test is to work through each reading passage several times.

First, you should do it under exam conditions. This gives you a chance to practice managing your time. Time management is one of the biggest challenges for first-time test takers.

Then, after you have finished, you should work through the test again much more slowly. Take extra time checking over the questions you answered incorrectly. Of course, use a dictionary to help you understand the meaning of new words and learn their synonyms. Make sure you can understand your mistake.

When you do this regularly, you will become familiar with how tests are written, and you will recognize paraphrases more quickly.

There are plenty of previous tests online that you can use.

さて、次回はスピーキングのコツについてお話します! お楽しみに^^