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IELTS勉強法:スピーキングの秘訣#2: “Task 1の対策!”

  • 2016.01.05


今回は前回挙げたスピーキングセクションの3つのTaskのうちTask 1の対策です!

Question #3: What will I have to do exactly in Task 1?

Here is some more detailed information to help you understand what you need to do in each section. The example questions should help make things clearer for you, too.

Task 1: Introduction & general questions.

This section lasts about 4-5 minutes and the questions are all about familiar topics. For example, you will be asked about your job/ studies, home, hometown, family and hobbies.

The test is designed in this way to help students. It is usually considered easier to talk about yourself than more abstract topics. BUT don’t relax and take it too easy! This is a chance to make a strong first impression on your interviewer.
Before the test begins, the interviewer needs to check some information. The basic flow of this conversation goes something like this:

1) The interviewer will introduce themselves and ask for your name. Be sure to answer with a clear voice and pleasant smile.
2) The examiner may ask you what they should call you. Simply reply, “_______ is fine.”
3) You then be asked where you are from. Answer this question briefly. You don’t have to go into any great detail here. It may be a question a little later in the test.
4) The interviewer will then ask to see you identification. After that, the test can begin.

The interviewer will choose a few familiar topics (2 or 3) and ask you 3-4 questions on each. This section is limited to around 5 minutes. So, depending on the length of your answers, you will have between 10-14 questions. Look at the following questions that the interviewer may ask:

So, you are a student. I’d like to ask you some questions about your studies.

1. What degree are you studying for?
2. Why did you choose that course?
3. What is the most difficult thing about your course?
4. What do hope to do after you graduate?

Now, let’s move on to your free time.

1. In what ways to you like to relax?
2. Do you prefer activities you do alone or with other people?
3. Do you think you have enough time to relax?

Ok, let’s change the topic. Let’s talk about your hometown.

1. Tell me some details about your hometown.
2. Is your hometown famous for anything?
3. Do you think that your hometown is a good place for young people?
4. What is one thing you’d like to see improved in your hometown?

次回はTask 2の対策です!