Wordwise 126 A2854

Get rid of the clutter

  • 2013.11.16

“A man’s home is his castle”. This common saying expresses the idea that no matter what troubles a person may face during the day they can always find refuge within their own home. But what happens when your sanctuary becomes overrun with clutter?

According to experts, this lack of free space can cause you to feel tired and depressed, make it difficult for you to relax, and perhaps surprisingly waste money.

So, when my wife suggested, yet again, that we reorganize our apartment, I looked on it as an opportunity to get rid of a lot of clutter. To begin, I sought some simple advice on how best to achieve an uncluttered existence. There is a lot of information on the subject out there, but most experts seem to agree on 3 main ground rules:

1. Everything you own should have value, either because it's functional or beautiful or you just love it. To determine if something is truly valuable, ask yourself this question: if your house were on fire and all your family and pets were already out of harm’s way, what else would you grab? It is unlikely that you’d rush back into the house to save your blender, for example. Considering this scenario will help you determine the true value of an item.

Every item needs a place to "live". Simply dropping things on the coffee table or kitchen counter creates piles of clutter and confusion. Experts suggest we ask ourselves questions such as, "Where do my keys live?” If we can provide a clear answer (“They live in a bowl next to the front door"), then we are doing things correctly. If we can’t, we need to become more organized.

2. Focus on one thing at a time. Trying to clear out an entire apartment at once is a daunting task. You are likely to give up halfway through and leave things incomplete and more confused than when you started. Focusing on one room at a time is a much more effective technique.

So far, I have been able to discard a lot of unwanted junk and make my apartment more relaxing – though it is still a work in progress. If you are looking to simplify your life and make your home more relaxing, I recommend you follow these guidelines, too.


“A man’s home is his castle”(人の家は城塞である。)この良く使われる諺は、どんな困ったことがあったとしても、避難場所はいつも自分の家の中にあるという意味です。ですが、その「避難場所」が不必要な物で散らかって戻れなくなってしまった時、あなたはどうしますか?