Do you have a nickname?

  • 2015.02.06







Do you have a nickname?

What were your nicknames when you were little back in elementary school, high school, and after graduating? I feel that there are so many fun nicknames in Japan. Anything could be a nickname, so sometimes some of them don’t mean anything, which I think it’s really funny. But it’s still a very fun way of referring to good friends.

In English speaking countries, as far as I know, some nicknames are abbreviations of names (E.g., Elizabeth is shortened to Beth or Liz, William is Will or Bill, and so on) and people call their husbands and wives “honey” or “sweetie”, etc. I am sure there are more interesting ways of referring to people but I feel their nicknames are a little different from Japanese “Adana”.

I remember having some conversations with my friend about how we make up random nicknames for people in Japan but not in English speaking countries. We ended up coming to the conclusion that in English we use “I”, “You”, “He”, and “She” to refer people but in Japanese this sometimes sounds unfriendly and even a bit rude, depending on the situation. That’s why people in Japan give friends fun nicknames without noticing it. And it could be one of the many ways to show affection for good friends.

By the way, here at Wordwise, the staff members call me “Y” sometimes.
It’s the initial of my first name.